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Independent Relations Between Capitalism and Crime - 275 Words

Independent Relations Between Capitalism and Crime (Other (Not Listed) Sample) Content: Answers to Assignment Question[Author Name(s), First M. Last, Omit Titles and Degrees][Institutional Affiliation(s)]Author Note[Include any grant/funding information and a complete correspondence address.]Answers to Assignment QuestionCapitalism and Crime, Patriarchy and CrimeThis paper discusses the independent relations between capitalism and crime, and patriarchy and crime. It seeks to affirm that capitalism has greater influence on crime than patriarchy.Capitalism is system where private owners' objective is the pursuit and maximization of profit. Cheap technological advancement and competition for resources causes unemployment and low wages. Unemployment and low wages pushes people to crime CITATION Ozt05 \l 1033 (Ozturk, 2005). Low wages and unemployment caused by capitalism do increase crime rates CITATION Ozt05 \l 1033 (Ozturk, 2005). Patriarchy results in women having low wages and low position in the society. However, with the fading of patriarchal system, women crime rates have not changed. Women arrest rates are still low, less than 20%, in nearly all categories of crime CITATION Ozt05 \l 1033 (Ozturk, 2005). This shows that capitalism has a greater influence on crime than patriarchy.Effects Females would have had on CriminologyEarly male criminology theorists focused on women's biology, psychology and sexist biases ignoring the social, political and economic factors influencing female criminality CITATION Fem \l 1033 (Feminist Criminology, n.d.). This paper tries argues that these neglected factors by male theorist would not have changed female criminology had female theorist been involved in designing those early theories.The assumptions of liberal thesis and power control theory (both supported by female criminologist) that increase in female economic opportunities ...

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Essay Time Management and Adults Learners - 1043 Words

Time Management and Adults Learners Time Management and Adults Learners Life is complicated and it becomes harder as people develop into adulthood and inherit new responsibilities. Attending school as an adult learner is a big challenge and time management is something that every student must know and be efficient at in order to successfully complete their degrees. This paper explains the different adjustments that adult students must make to achieve their desired goals, especially those who have extra responsibilities other than college. The sources used on this paper describe how they manage their study time alongside work related activities, family matters, and all their others obligations. Tips and advice will be†¦show more content†¦Students who work and have families had to organize their daily lives a little better in order to succeed in college and achieve their academic goals (Blaxter Tight, 1994). As the article by Blaxter Tight mentions, a considerable amount of working adults who attend colle ge end up dropping their classes due to their demanding lives and duties outside the university. In order to pursue a college degree, students have to make some sacrifices and replace some daily activities or time with friends and family with study time to succeed. For example, activities like watching television, dining out, or just going out for a while must be limited in order to allow time for studying and completing college work. There are a good number of books and guides with helpful information and tips to prepare adults learner for a successful education. The Mature Student’s Guide to Higher Education written by Linda Pritchard and Leila Robert is a good reference for people seeking a degree as an adult student. To succeed in college adult learners should have some solid academic foundation as well, to include essential academic skill such as organization, communication, reading and writing ability, computer proficiency, study skills, and good time management tec hniques (Pritchard Roberts, 2006, Pp. 33-39). Students should and must have an action planShow MoreRelatedTime Management And The Adult Learner Essay1909 Words   |  8 Pagescontrol time, but we can manage the time we’re given. Time management is the ability to plan and control how we spend the hours in our day to effectively accomplish our goals. For college students, especially freshmen who may be left on their own for the first time, or the adult learner, who has additional family and work requirements to juggle, good time management is a necessity. Studies cite poor time management as a major contributor of college dropout rates, and without a good time managementRead MoreChallenges Of Time Management As An Adult Learner1019 Words   |  4 PagesManaging Time as an Adult Learner Over the last several years, adult learners have become increasingly common inside the institutions of higher education. This is because, many of these individuals are returning to school in order to be more competitive in the job market. As, it is demanding specialized skills and the ability to adapt with different challenges employers are facing. (Newbaker, 2012) Evidence of the can be seen with a study that was conducted by the National Student ClearinghouseRead MoreStudy Skills: Managing Time as an Adult Learner1408 Words   |  6 PagesSkills: Managing Time as an Adult Learner The potential for learning is active throughout the course of ones lifespan. Academic learning is often associated with adolescence and early adulthood; however, adults are also compelled to go back to school to further their education in order to gain more employable skills, change their career path, or to fulfill a personal goal. Although adult learners are just as capable as understanding new information as younger learners, the adult learner typically hasRead MoreManaging Time As An Adult Learner1485 Words   |  6 PagesManaging time as an adult learner There might not be a better decision than going back to school as an adult. This is particularly because one has the opportunity of enhancing their career and accomplishing their lifelong goals. The choice of going back to school as an adult is thus an easy decision. Despite the fact that reaching this decision is easy, following through the decision is the most difficult part. Difficult. This is because of the challenges that adult learners face in their day toRead MoreThe Success Of The Middle Age Adults Essay1731 Words   |  7 Pagestheir acceptance letter to a college. For a young adult success might mean buying their first car or first home. As a person enters their middle age adult stage, they usually have achieved success in several areas of their life, such as having a family, home and successful employment. With these successes come obstacles and obligations. Most middle age adults have gained life skills to balance these obligations. However, if the middle age adult c hooses to strive towards a life goal of returningRead MoreImportance of Time Management1314 Words   |  5 Pagesï » ¿Introduction Time management is more often than not a challenge for many students. This is more so the case for adult students. It is important to note that unlike their younger counterparts, adult learners face a host of unique challenges when it comes to the management of time. In addition to the demands of their fulltime or part-time jobs, adult learners often have to attend to other responsibilities including but not limited to child care and other familial obligations. This text clearly demonstratesRead MoreEssay on EDU500Assnmt 1 Defining Learning Environment1480 Words   |  6 Pagesall over the world. The secret to success of such companies lies from the foundation that was laid down by the founders of the company in the attempt to ensure that the company becomes a success. Foundation includes the company mission, vision, management structure, selection of an excellent location, training and development and the involvement in activities promoting Corporate Social Responsibility. The study takes into consideration an organization by the name Old Excellent Company Limited. TheRead MoreAttending School As An Adult Learner1097 Words   |  5 Pages Deciding to attend school as an adult learner, is by far the most challenging obstacle an adult learner can do. Adults looking to advice in their education or their career look to attend school to achieve their goals. It is a demanding, daunting task to figuring out just what you want to study, where you want to study at, and how to attend classes. With so many options available today, where do you begin? Knowing the options can truly make choosing a school, program, or way to attend classes anRead MoreEssay about Traditional Learning Content1378 Words   |  6 Pagesof helping adults learn† and focus on the adult learner (Knowles, 1980, p. 43). Knowles published six assumptions about the adult learner. The adult self-concept moves from dependent to self-directing. An adult has many life experiences which is a great source to the adult to empower learning. An adult’s social role is related to the readiness of the adult to learn. Adults are more problem centered as t hey mature. Motivations for adults are internal rather than external and adults need to knowRead MoreWhat Are the Role and Responsibilities of Teacher? Essay1411 Words   |  6 PagesSo every teacher has to know which role he is applying in his class room, roll could be different depend on the circumstances ,like as which age group, are they normal people or are they special needs people or are they teenage people or are they adult people. Similarly every teacher has got responsibilities for his working place and working environment following the institutional procedures and policies. 1.1 Summarise key aspects of legislation, regulatory requirements and codes of practice relating

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Essay about Wallace Rhetorical Analysis - 1393 Words

A Rhetorical Analysis of â€Å"This is Water† If one were to try to imagine a world without air, then it would certainly be very different than the world as humans know it. Since air is essential to the livelihood of most life on Earth, it could be considered an â€Å"important reality.† In David Foster Wallace’s commencement speech, â€Å"This is Water† to the 2005 graduating class of Kenyon College, Wallace states that â€Å"the most obvious, ubiquitous, important realities are often the ones that are the hardest to see and talk about.† (Wallace) Despite the necessity for air, most take its beautiful existence for granted. Wallace believes unawareness leads to unhappiness, and thus wants his audience to actively think about their surroundings. He†¦show more content†¦In â€Å"This is Water† Wallace speaks from his own experiences in order to help others; he went through depression before finally hanging himself in 2008. One should not think of this as contradicting his points, thoug h. This act shows that Wallace, too, was human, and capable of mistakes. Furthermore, he wanted people to have better lives than he did, and he believed they can do so by following his advice. A short parable comprises the opening paragraph of Wallace’s speech. In this, there are two fish swimming along when they pass an older fish, headed in the opposite direction, that asks them how the water is. The two fish continue along for a bit before one asks the other â€Å"what the hell is water?† This serves as an extended metaphor used by Wallace to demonstrate his main argument for awareness in life. Just as the fish do not consider their surroundings, people more often than not fail to considerShow MoreRelatedRhetorical Analysis Of `` What The Hell Is Water `` By David Foster Wallace909 Words   |  4 PagesFamed American author David Foster Wallace gave a commencement speech to Kenyon College’s graduating class of 2005. Most commencement speeches focus on graduates’ accomplishments as well as give general life advice. Wallace’s presentation follows this pattern at first, congratulating the students on getting their diplomas. However, most of his speech is dedicated to the idea of thinking beyond ourselves. Throughout the speech, Wallace argues we should live with empathy through his use of humor andRead MoreAnalysis Of Commencement Speech By David Foster Wallace1134 Words   |  5 PagesOne of the finest commencement speeches was given by David Foster Wallace at Kenyon College. Wallace’s speech can be viewed as enlightening to those who are often blindly single-minded. It forces the audience to take a look at the way they approach everyday situations, rather than being self-centered, consider others before yourself. However, many overlook Wallace’s impeccable rhetorical maneuvers, focusing on the constant clichà ©s and fictional anecdotes used. What people don’t realize is these clichà ©sRead MoreBraveheart Figurative Language1522 Words   |  7 Pages Wu 1 Raymond Wu Instructor: Ian Patrick Cresswell English 100 – 03 22 March 2016 MLA Braveheart Speech: In-depth Analysis Regarding Figurative Language Braveheart is a historical drama epic film from 1995. The film was nominated for ten Academy Awards and won five. The film is non-fictional and depicts the events of William Wallace, a Scottish hero who led the Scots during the First War of Scottish Independence against England. However, despite the historical inaccuracies cited by criticsRead MoreSo Much Emotion from the Music of Hip-Hop703 Words   |  3 PagesRhetorical Analysis Hip-hop. How is it that uttering of two almost identical words can generate so much emotion, so much conversation, and so much controversy? People have been using music in a multitude of forms to document and share their experiences; in this respect hip-hop is no different. James McBride offers an intriguing proposal for our consideration: regardless of how we feel about hip-hop, it is here to stay because it has become a part of our global culture and represents a restless generationRead MoreGEICO Insurance Sales Promotion Analysis1435 Words   |  6 Pagesshould have at least one type of insurance. As for auto insurance, the law requires drivers to carry insurance when driving. Because of this need, the constant demand for having insurance drives many firms competing in this saturated market. In this analysis, the focus attempts to show GEICO Insurance promotional strategy in communicating its products and services to the market and identifies the effective ways in growing the br and-awareness. In 1936, a married couple named Leo and Lillian Goodwin establishedRead MoreThe Theories Of Learning And Communication1712 Words   |  7 Pages(1962) Internet. Cognitivism is the theory of inner mental activities, perceiving, recognising, conceiving and reasoning. Information is gained; the information is processed which leads to certain outcomes. Wallace described it as â€Å"the information processing view of human cognition†. Wallace. P18. (2007). Early cognitivists’ wanted education to concentrate on concepts, relationships, creative thinking, problem solving and further thinking skills. Piaget theorized four stages of Cognitive DevelopmentRead MoreThe Lamb and The Tyger by William Blake Essay1758 Words   |  8 Pageslights. â€Å"The Tyger,† written in 1774, and â€Å"The Lamb,† written five years later in 1789, are considered companion poems due to their similar humanistic topic and stark differences of each other. Through the use of specific titillation and use of rhetorical questioning, Blake sets up an ultimatum between the two poems, creating the illusion that each creature in the poems may have different creators. In this way, Blake questions traditional Christian doctrine in such a way that initiates curiosityRead MoreJohn Lewis s Speech On March Washington2261 Words   |  10 Pages John Lewis Rhetorical Analysis In the â€Å"Speech on March Washington† on August 28, 1963, civil rights activist John Lewis spoke at Washington D.C. In a movement for equal rights. Lewis’ purpose is to amplify his voice to show the unfair treatment of people of color during that time of segregation. Throughout the address, he applies pathos in order persuade the crowd of people to protest against the government s ways. Change is the main point in John Lewis’s speech, in where he contradicts theRead MoreThe Constructivist Approach Of International Relations1797 Words   |  8 Pagesamounts of resources into establishing, shifting, and changing social norms. Unlike international state actors, these organizations have far less resources in the countries that they are established, and their capacities are only in the limits of rhetorical statuses, but they utilize these tools in total maximization to shift policies in favor of their mission statements and agendas. The results are these organiz ations taking the initiative in assisting in humanitarian efforts, specifically in thisRead MoreContemporary American Poetry and Its Public Worlds Essay8159 Words   |  33 Pagesforces of therapeutic culture and the fantasies proposed in various kinds of advertising. For poetry to achieve cultural currency, in both senses of that term, it may have to find ways of reconciling the energies of romantic lyricism to overtly rhetorical ambitions and strategies. It will take me a long time to get to those ambitions because I first have to clarify plausible ways of using the concept of poetrys relations to a public world, and then I have to use that discussion in order to dramatize

Online Dating And Its Effects On The Way People Look For Romantic Relationships Essay Example For Students

Online Dating And Its Effects On The Way People Look For Romantic Relationships Essay Introduction Online dating has changed the way people look for romantic partners. With websites like, okcupid and even mobile sites like tinder finding a partner is only a few clicks away. These sites make it easy for the users to change small things like height, weight and even make their profession sound better. With the rise of photoshop the the ability to find any photograph on the internet, many online daters are cautious when using the sites. â€Å"In a survey of online dating users, over 80% of participants registered concerns that others misrepresent themselves† (Gibbs, Ellison, Heino, 2006), and, in another large-scale survey, â€Å"deception was identified as the biggest perceived disadvantage of online dating† (Brym Lenton, 2001). This research is extremely important as a way to see why exactly people use online dating and why they attempt to self enhance or take it far enough to just be deceptive.Review of Literature The research surrounding lying, identity and online dating is an extremely important topic as the world continues to get online and leave traditional dating in the past. There is also a fine line between lying and self enhancing or doing your best to put your best features out into the world. â€Å"By engaging in substantial amounts of selective self-presentation, daters enhanced their physical characteristics relative to how they look on an everyday basis. This is especially the case when compared to levels of deception in other elements of the profile, such as height and weight† (Gonzales, A. , Hancock, J. 2008). The rise of people getting catfished, â€Å"lure (someone) into a relationship by means of a fictional online persona†. The research of why people lie and why people are more inclined to lie onli. .ipants to come in and talk to the researchers but many were simple surveys and did not require much outside of organizing the results. Separating Fact From Fiction: An Examination of Deceptive Self-Presentation in Online Dating Profiles only had 80 participants but they way they had great questions that were asked. Yet due to the lack of participants the results seem skewed especially when looking at the ages of the participants and the websites that they use for online dating. As they were all New Yorkers that were almost randomly selected, they was a severe lack of variety. If this study had used more locations I believe the results could of been applied to most people who use online dating in the United States. Due to the small sample size and the small area of the US I feel that this information cannot be attributed to the rest of the online dating community.

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Popular Culture and Cultural Capital free essay sample

One problem in analyzing a type of youth culture is measuring the extent to witch it is a response to a culture deliberately manufactured for marketing and consumption of cultural products. Would say to some extent all subcultures consume part of popular culture, but it does vary from which culture a person is apart of, E. G you can look at the Goth type of culture and think it not to be very commercialese at all. But I would argue differently, cause Goth is one of the most commercialese types of culture in the world. The Director Tim Burton makes huge blockbuster films that have been filmed in a gothic style. So why is Goth not popular culture? The Hip Hop culture was discovered in 1 asss America, It involved a very unique form of dancing called break dancing, and was based on the genre of music called Hip Hop.Most people would argue that Hip Hop became commercial when the Sugar Hill Gang released a single called Rappers Delight, but I would argue that the Hip Hop style of clothing consisted of high street clothing, which in a way made he subculture commercial even when it was deemed not to be. We will write a custom essay sample on Popular Culture and Cultural Capital or any similar topic specifically for you Do Not WasteYour Time HIRE WRITER Only 13.90 / page My argument is that all of the subcultures we have are commercial but within the subcultures there is a sense of resistance towards commercialisms. The types of subcultures in Britain today are vast in quantity. You can look around on a busy weekend shopping and see lots of different styles of clothing, and lots of different tastes of music and attitudes towards life in one city. Subculture can be dated back to the 1 asss, where people were first frightened of the Teddy boy look. The public then became swamped with what they thought were bizarre street styles. There came the Moods and Rockers in the sasss, then in the 1 sass came the skinheads and punks.These sub cultural groups were a product of a modern global zing world, In that the look of moods was based on an Italian look of suits and scooters. These subcultures were considered to be resistance of the norm, where youths would try to look different to be different. Within these subcultures there are differences between them. For example Moods and rockers were separated by their tastes in music, as a result of this there are sometimes ritual fights that have outraged Straight society like shopkeepers, the police, searchers and most importantly the media.Today though society is more accepting of these subcultures in and around where they live. It has in a way become part of culture. This maybe because the old school Deeds, Punks and Rockers have grown up, had children and they are now taking the same course but with a different subculture. But how have subcultures been labeled with distinct features, how have they generally been stereotyped by so many people as types of hooligan groups.Today we have a mix of the new breed of sub culture and the old school types of subculture. To name a few that I have noticed are Moshers, so called cause of there love of rock music and the way they moss to it, they also tend to wear baggy clothes and do sports like skateboarding. Indy boys, so called because of there love of Indy music. Indy boys tend to wear the type of clothes that Noel Gallagher wears and they tend to like the main types of popular sport, like football and rugby.Moshers and Indy boys fight mainly because of their differences in clothing and music, they prefer not to moss. And the chap, the chap is the most interesting of the nevus breed of subcultures and the most heavily commercialese, the clothes a chap wears and the music he chap listens to is extremely commercial, the clothing the chap is most commonly associated with is Barberry, which on the news recently has been linked with a clothing worn by football hooligans.People have picked up on these subcultures in fashion, TV and newspapers etc. And as such have tried to cater for their needs in order to make a profit. Fashion shows dedicated to a popular twist on these groups styles. E. G remember seeing a fashion show that Was showing a type Of fashion based on the types of clothes that punks wear. But the models on the cat walk were all good looking with rips in clothes that were fit to measure and the safety pin that went through one of the models eyebrows was made of gold.Through that example you can see the difference between the commercial punk and the punk. Subcultures also have a relationship to the overall dominant culture which, because of its pervasiveness, in particular its transmission through the mass media, is unavoidable. We can therefore distinguish a subculture, for example that of the hippies, which has connections with, but is distinct from due to its deviant lifestyle, the progressive middle class culture.The hippy subculture also has connections with the bohemian tradition of the artistic avian-garden, but its use of illegal drugs, and its value of instant hedonism means it has connections with other urban, more delinquent subcultures. In this quote Brake argues that the hippie culture has connections with the progressive middle class culture, but it is distinct from due to its connections with a deviant life style of taking illegal drugs and the pursuit of pleasure.Firth (1978) also argues that the middle class children are interested in the alternative values expressed in the lyrics of rock music. Think that people ho are borne in to a middle class environment have more options of culture available to them and they can afford to experiment with different cultures. As such they will buy the music of that culture and buy the clothes of that culture. This is a very shallow way Of experimenting with culture because one of the main elements I feel of a sub culture is that it is not standardized.You buy the single of a rock group because you belong to the culture that follows rock music, you would be funding the label that produces that music. And the music industry has been totally standardized; it is hard to find ba nds on the helves of record stores that are produced by a small corporation. So you would still be funding the same company that has boy bands and general popular music. Also the example that I gave earlier on the difference between the commercial punk and the punk comes in to play.Because the middle class buys the clothes that they see people on TV wearing who are part of their culture they are apart of, they will only see the commercialese version of that type of clothing, as a result they will tend to go for the easier option and buy the same pair from the high street. It is hard these days to blend in tit a culture without looking the part and the music and fashion industries have noticed this and catered to it, as a result people feel they are out of the norm and are resisting popular culture, when in fact they are apart of it.This can be seen when looking at the music industry today. Only only a few big corporate production companies own the music industry. This has put them in a great position to make as much money as possible when targeting these sub cultures. The audiences tastes are carefully monitored over time by measuring what is selling. By doing this they can measure how much reduction is needed for each genre of music by having reserve musicians on stand by to cater for the needs and tastes of the audience.It is said that subcultures arise from a common ground of experiences that youths share. The sharing of these experiences makes it easier for youths to communicate with each other and thus a collection of people all in the same boat is understandable. This could be the very reason why subcultures can be founded by popular media culture. Liberalizing of media companies on the government I feel plays a big part in why so many different subcultures have been produced over time.If different aspects of the county we live in can be changed by the media then it is bound to affect the way we live. As such, a common ground is formed among people affected by this. Since a characteristic of why subcultures are formed, is that they form because of a shared common ground then a subculture is formed to confront this. So you can see that if the subculture is seen as a rebellion of thing that have happened it is actually happened because of the media industry and has consumed what the media company changed.As for the style of the subculture, it is thought that the subculture is a billion towards the dominant style of clothing off the high street. Elements are drawn from the synthetic manufactured culture of popular music and artifacts, but these are relocated and transformed (fibrillate) (Brake 1980) Brake states that although clothing that is popular and sold on the high street, it does not necessarily mean that it belongs to a popular for Of subculture. Clothing is bought and made to fit the critiques of the subculture to form the desired statement.This can be seen with Levi Straus s jeans. The new subculture of the Mosher that introduced to the beginning of the essay ill buy the jeans and turn them in to a type that is suitable for that subculture by buying jeans that are a size too big for the person and will make tares where the knees are, this changes the perspective of what the jeans represent. So even though the person is apart of a subculture, that does not necessarily mean that they do not buy non-popular products.It has been argued that what ultimately defines cultural capital as capital is its Convertibility in to cultural capital (Graham and Williams 1 986) There are three main Popes of capital, cultural, economic and social. What I want to look t is the relationship between economic capital and cultural capital in subcultures. Cultural capital of subcultures refers to someones knowledge of the subculture, normally accumulated through upbringing and education. Sub cultural capital is defined by what Sarah Thornton (1995) refers to as hip news which slang voc abulary is above all a sign of aristocratic distinctiveness.Thornton also refers to what objectifies subculture capital by using examples like fashionable haircuts and record collections which would be apart of the subculture. Sub cultural capital is embodied in the form of being in the know y using slang and looking the part of the subculture. But this can not be over used as it look like your trying too hard. The media play a role in governing the circulation of the subculture because it acts as a network of cultural knowledge that distributes and in ways defines the subculture.So to be apart of the subculture people with economic capital would get the haircut, buy the records and buy the relevant news updates to be Din the know about the subculture. Thus weather you are apart of Cultural capital or economic capital you would still be buying in to a common form of popular products. This can be seen when you look in to how you can make a living from having a strong cultural capital of Din the know information on subcultures. Dads, club organizers, clothes designers, music and style journalists and record industry professionals all make a living from sub cultural capital. They do this by defining the subculture and creating. Economic capital rewards sub cultural capital. Music is a strong defining aspect of what sort of culture or subculture you belong to. Weather it be popular Goth, Punk, dance or any of the others they all have their own types of music. Gender plays a big part in what music gets played. Girls on average spend more of their time working at school, boys on average spend more time and money on leisure time activities like going out, listening to records and reading music magazines.Girls generally have a greater taste in pop music than boys and will often defend their tastes in pop music and acknowledge their low sub cultural status. Thus people are apart Of a subculture, they dress the part and generally look the part, but they do consume in to the popular culture, weather it be directly (buying pop music) r indirectly (buying a rock magazine that is owned by the same company that distributes a pop magazine) you are still consuming in to popular culture.

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spec ed paper Essays - Psychiatry, Human Behavior, Free Essays

spec ed paper Essays - Psychiatry, Human Behavior, Free Essays February 27 th , 2018 Module 2 Redacted Glen Payne Special Education Part1 For this paper I have chosen to analyse the Case of Suzette, found on page 125 of the course text . The case outlines the struggle of a parent and their child, Suzette, in finding appropriate placement in a school. Suzette is identified as sixteen years old, recently expelled from her high school due to a series of violent outbursts and is seeking a new school. Suzette is a high functioning, high achieving student who, up until her teenage years when her behaviour took a violent and more consequential turn. The following analysis will explore the behavioural issues that Suzette is dealing with, a detail the most appropriate action plan, and a look at the likely outcome of her educational career. What Are the Beha vioural I ssues ? Due to Suzette's high achievement and agreeability up until her adolescent years, it is unlikely that she is experiencing negative manifestations of disorders that appear early on in a child's development . It is noted in the text that a child with this disorder may display a pattern of disruptive and violent behavior and have problems following rules. Due to Suzette's violent outbursts and accelerated ag gression, it is possible that she is suffering from Oppositional Defiant Disorder . It is not uncommon for children and teens to have behavior-related problems at some time during their development. ODD has eight characteristics for identification, and they are as follows: often loses temper; often argues with adults; often actively defies or refuses to comply with adults' requests or rules; often deliberately annoys people; often blames others for his or her mistakes or misbehavior; is often touchy or easily annoyed by ot hers; is often angry and resentful; is often spiteful and vindictive (Behavioural Issues Workshop, 2016) . Considering the fact that Suzette is only recently exhibiting dangerous symptoms that include violence, defiance, and struggles with authority, it is my best estimation to assign Oppositional Defiant Disorder to her case as the primary struggle. ODD combined with the "teenage - crazy" behaviour that her mother expressed could result in the aggressive behaviour described in her ca se. Fortunately , when treated with care and attention, individuals with ODD can experience rehabilitation and re-entry into appropriate school programming. What Support is Needed? Instructional In my experience with students who are dealing with ODD, it is most beneficial and helpful to change the language of my instruction to suit the needs of the child. Instead of using "must" driven language such as "you must complete this assignment", or "I need you to", it is better received to use inclusive language such as "when can we get this completed" or "what do you need from me to be successful?". This rhetorical shift attempts to diffuse the anger and "fight or flight" instincts associated with ODD aggression, and makes the student feel in control, while still functioning under an authority. Environmental and Assessment Any anger-fueled situation that has the potential to escalate is even more sensitive and likely for an ODD student. As such, it is important to monitor temperament and recognize the signs of escalation. Teaching the student to recognize their anger or irritability and implement coping skills is the best case scenario, but often times this is difficult, especially if you are strangers. My recommendation in these cases is to allow students to remove themselves from irritating situations using inclusive language and questions, such as: Do you feel like you need a break? Where would you like to go? How can we help you right now? Would you like me to give you space? In my experience, allowing students to choose where they would like to move to (Student Success, going for a walk, the office) has the best potential at diffusing a tense situation. In the same vein, accommodating assessment for ODD students involves compromise. In high school, students are required to complete regular assignments in order to earn their credit, but giving ODD students the tools to succeed often looks like compromised deadlines, extra help, or assignments broken up into smaller, more manageable pieces. Looking Forward With the proper support and education to

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Langston Hughes Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1000 words

Langston Hughes - Essay Example Through various literary devices for emphasis, themes dwelling on African-American heritage and in a simple language that many people can read, Hughes effectively presents the cultural diversity of an African-American not just to other races, but also most especially to his fellow African-Americans. Hughes’ style of poetry shows his strong background in rhythm and a hint of jazz, evident in his use of imagery, simile, metaphor, caesura, and repetition of words or lines for emphasis. His poem â€Å"Danse Africaine† exemplifies the use of these elements to effectively portray a moving performance of a female dancer illuminated only by a camp fire. The steep buildup of excitement and anticipation was illustrated through the use of various adjectives pertaining to the slow beat and low tones of the drums before the dance, as exemplified by the first five lines: Just like most presentations that have a beginning, a climax, and an ending Hughes repeated the theme he used for the first five lines such as the use of metaphor and the repetition of words, effectively establishing the poem’s rhythm and giving it its closure. Hughes’ other poem, â€Å"Lenox Avenue: Midnight† also uses similar literary devices, as well as adding rhymes and allusion to give the poem a hint of drama. Effective choice of words in â€Å"DanseAfricaine† makes it appear to be building anticipation or excitement ahead, and Hughes used this same strategy to establish the sad and lonely theme of â€Å"Lenox Avenue: Midnight†, as evident in lines 5-10 of the poem: The allusion in the poems that rain brings pain and implies feelings of loneliness or sorrow, and this line of thought establishes the poem’s sad and gloomy mood, similar to rhythm and blues. As with â€Å"DanseAfricaine†, Hughes also repeated the theme as well as the fourth line into the 14th line of the poem: â€Å"†¦ the gods are laughing at us†